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"The Men From Chosin"

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Private First Class Richard Stanley Gzik


After spending some time doing research of Pfc Gzik actions at the Chosin Reservoir (www.chosinreservoir.com) It seems there are facts that have not been brought to the forefront of what really happened at what time and place when Pfc Gzik was KIA.

Looking back at the time period and place of the action in which Gzik was awarded the Navy Cross, The following info is my opinon of the circumstances that occurred.

When the Marine Units that were at Yudam-ni was attempting to return to Hagaru, the order was given for the 11th Marines to expend their ammunition on the enemy as the transport vehicles were low on diesel fuel and therefore the Howitzers wouldn't be able to make it to Hagaru. The Howitzers were later destroyed by the Air support.

The personnel of the 4th Battalion 11th Marines were formed into a Provisional Rifle Platoon and assigned to a unit with the 7th Marine Regiment.

Two of the men within the 4th Battalion 11th Marines were Pfc Richard Gzik and Sgt James Johnson.

Pfc Gzik was awarded the Navy Cross for his actions and Sgt James Johnson was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions.

Reading both citations, there is no descriptions of the actual place where both men were at the time that resulted in the awards.

I believe that both men were located on Hill 1542 located between Yudam-ni and Hagaru.

Both were in the same unit at the same time and it is my belief that after reading both citations, Pfc Gzik and Sgt Johnson were on Hill 1542 together and Pfc was KIA by the enemy first and Sgt Johnson being the last Marine was last observed in Hand to Hand Combat.

Without the narrative of both awards, I can't for sure prove my opinion but I intend to request the narratives of both awards through the "Freedom of Information Act"

This will take time and upon receiving the narratives I will update this page.

To Read the Citations for both Marines, click on the links below.

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