Lieutneant Colonel

Allan Sutter

Commanding Officer 2nd Battalion 1st Marines 1st Marine Division



A 1937 graduate of Dartmouth, Sutter served primarily as a

communications officer during World War II, participatng in

the Guadalcanal, Guam, and Okinawa campaigns. After the war,

he attended the Command and Staff College at Quantico, and

then served as the aide to Commandants Vandegrift and Cates.

He assumed command of 2/1 in July 1950, and led the

battalion throughout the Inchon-Seoul and Chosin Reservoir

campaigns, earning a Navy Cross for his heroism at Chosin.

Later,for his actions as the regimental executive officer,

he was awarded the Legion of Merit. Sutter retired as a

Colonel in 1964.


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