Written by:Maj.Paul Sanders,USMC (Ret)

The Chosin Few are marching, into historys books at last
We feel we Chosin Brothers played a part in what has passed
We have a special memory, and we have a special place
With those bands of special fighting men, who have honored every race

Oh could our fallen brothers, know the honor they helped bring
To God and to our Country, to their memory now we sing
You gave your life for freedom, for famlies and for friends
And for that you have our special love, and a thanks that never ends

So onward Band of Brothers, hear ye now that special drum
It sounds alone for heros, when that special time has come.
For some there is no drum beat, so its hard to tell them why
There's a pounding heart, a quicking pose, and a glisten in the eye.

If God gives grace to warriors, serving his holy name
if a special place in heaven waits, for those who in honor came
Then those who served with honor, near that frozen Chosin shore
Will have His grace in a special place, when they stand at heavens door.

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