Written by Maj. Paul Sanders, Sgt. Gorden Greene and PFC Frank Gross

When sunlight warms the statue, casting shadows to the ground
Can it cast the frozen fury, that these gallant men once found
See the courage in their faces, see the pride which understood
Their faith in one another, that forged a chain of brotherhood

In bronze and granite marble, see how strong how proud they stand
In their honor and their glory, with a brotherhood of man
The ones who died at Chosin, did not give their lives in vain
God took them from that frozen hell, and blessed them in His name

Men who died in all the battles, from Pusan to Pork Chop Hill
Call from the grave, remember us, as this statue says we will
Our missing brothers call us, from some prison grim and drear
Remember our misfortune, we answer, never fear

Their cause is not forgotten, for we surviving mortal men
Place this wreath and pray a prayer, that the sword wont rise again
When moonlight paints the statue, with a gleaming silver beam
Will the spirits of the ones who died, enhance this noble scene

We ask our God for guidance, as we stand in silent prayer
Our tears say that we miss them, as this statue says we care
So blow the bugle softly, let its lonely echo sound
Let the music and our memories, dedicate this hallowed ground.


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