Author: Boyce Clark, USMC E/2/7

Here is a story that must be told,
Of Marines who fought in the bitter cold.
Some were veterans of WW II,
They would soon join the ranks,
Called the "Chosin Few".

These veterans, though not too old,
Had one thing in common, all were bold!
Always outnumbered, but never outfought,
Fulfilled the lessons they were taught.
The Division was cut off, constantly hounded,
Then "Chesty" was heard to chime,
"They've got us surrounded.
The bastards won't get away this time".
Frozen hands and frozen feet,
The landscape covered like a great white sheet.
Still, they fought through the wintry breeze,
And destroyed eight divisions,
Of the encircling Chinese.
Grunts on the ground will alway share,
A special kindred for the Marine Corsair.
Their close air support left no doubt,
Of devastated Chinese along the route.
From Yudarn-ni and Toktong pass,
Then Hagaru and Koto-ri,
First Division Marines fought their way to freedom,
To Hungnam and the Sea.
Now, truly a band of brothers,
We honor those Marines we never knew,
Hereafter, they will share with us in spirit, we are:..... THE CHOSIN FEW.. ~


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