By Bob Holtzer

Look at them...who are they??
I'd really like to know.
These gallant young men that stand
readty to defend & challenge our nations foe.

You may ask this question when you come upon this scene,
When there's a crisis in our world & all seems dim..Just call on any

It was "1775" when they formed into the Corps.
to fight & defend our country on many a distant shore.

The fought in actions around the world & they earned a new respect,
they seved with pride & honor to become known as: "LEATHERNECK!"

In world war one at "Belleau Wood" with a courage that few had seen,
they painted our history with valor,
DEVIL DOG!! a name for a "MARINE."

In world war two in the pacific they planted their courageous seed !
Then again in Korea & Vietnam to become know as "THE BREED!"

It doesn't matter what action in which they may serve,
they are Marines..."THE BREED!"
an honor well deserved.

In peace they carry the legacy of those that have gone before,
These young men are ..."THE BREED!"
"The heart of the Corps!!"


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