Author: Dean E.Witty, USMC 1/11

We found him in a drift of ice and snow,
With rigid limbs, stilled heart, and ashen face;
The earthly light snuffed out by Thor's swift blow;
With God, the inner light had found its place.

We knew him well, a warrior true and brave,
This well-earned rest, to follow years of strife,
Was just reward to one who humbly gave,
So much for God and man ... his very life!

A wife he had who'd followed him for years,
To every camp he'd served in, good and bad.
A note to her we found, a source of tears;
We pictured her in grief, in mourning clad.

How wrong we were to think this mate would grieve,
And waste her tears. The note bared it all; it told,
Us how her heart would speak, "He'd have to leave,
Someday; no time for wails, he'd want me bold."

"My dear," he'd said, "When you see this, you'll know,
I've gone to join the others of my fate;
'Twas always thus, I went before to show,
Myself a worthy man for you, my mate.

We both are old, we've shared much joy, and now,
The best is soon to come! You've much to do;
No time to waste. I know for sure, somehow,
This NEW COMMAND will save a place for you.

You've packed before, you know our wants, our needs.
They said up here our pack is light; I deem,
That on THIS BASE the Roster's ranked from deeds,
Performed on earth. I've found a HOME SUPREME!

We've worked for years. for God and man, to earn,
This rank. We have a flghter's right to boast.
I've penned this note in hopes you'd learn,
I'll wait for you at this, our FINAL POST."

(Written in honor of a comrade frozen in the snow of Chosin.)


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