John Gray Col Retired.
John was a First Lieutenant at Chosin, M Company, 31st Infantry Regiment.

Among our still fighting survivors,many appear to be walking dead,yet still combat capable.
Two thirds are wounded, yet they carry on.
All are suffering from frostbitten skin, frozen ears, faces, toes, and fingers are commonplace.
Some walk on frozen, thus living on borrowed time.
Their faces are grotesque, dirty, unshaven. gaunt with hunger from short rations.
All are bone eary from lack of sleep.
They have been under incessant attack for three days and four nights.
Some of the wounded are so disabled, they cannot move to generate body heat.
They freeze to death in horrible stiffness.
Equipment and vehicle wreckage is everywhere
To add to the burden, it is snowing again...
If low, heavy clouds persist,
There will be no air cover or support
to hold the enemy at bay... as we move to break out


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