Authors: Maj. Paul Sanders, USMC (Ret) and Frank Gross, I/3/7 Marines

Twas two weeks plus before Christmas
On the day of December seven
No bells to ring or choir to sing
As the snowflakes fell from heaven

No shopping sprees or Christmas trees
For this brotherhood of men
Gods gift that night moved into sight
When the star came back again

The wind blew hard and chilling cold
Beneath that starless sky
Where the frost would bite like fire
And the snow refused to die

Emotions from their silent prayers
Was showing from each eye
And from their lips that silent wish
For that diamond that diamond in the sky

Oh God how much we need it
Each soul inside did cry
As they prayed to see that diamond
Appearing in the sky

Then just before the light of dawn
You could hear the joyous shout
Our prayers have now been answered
For Gods star has just come out

In ancient days God gave a sign
To the shepherds and wise men too
And a similar sign was seen by men
That are known as the Chosin Few

There is a star! There is a star !
They shouted with a tear dimmed eye
Oh praise in rhyme at Christmas time
For Gods diamond Gods diamond in the sky

Men buttoned up their parkas
And stood to shake off the snow
Then gathered up their courage
For the last few miles to go

Through the enemy lines at Koto Ri
They fought with spirits high
Inspired by Gods special star
They called the diamond, Gods diamond in the sky

Like the twinkling lights of Christmas
That sparkle on the tree
The stars came out in multitudes
And they lighted up koto ri

Through the clearing skies the corsairs came
Flying chariots filled the air
Like the cavalrymen to the rescue
And the guiding star was there

For it was Gods star It was that star
It was his diamond. The diamond in the sky

(Note: The star over Koto Ri today is the logo for "THE CHOSIN FEW")


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