Written by John Gray Col Retired. John was a First Lieutenant at Chosin, M Company, 31st Infantry Regiment.

He is one of our country's forgotten sons,
who answered a calling to carry a gun.
He was a boy who believed in his Lord,
And when his country asked he went to war.
At seventeen he was a boy no more,
as he fought for freedom on a foreign shore.
At Inchon he landed with his tank in route,
his brave efforts along with the others' there saved the South.
He then became part of a Chosen Few,
many of which faced a frozen grave for me and you.
As a boy he risked his life so I could have mine,
and he now has scars that will not heal with time.
I write these words in a humble attempt to honor his sacrifice,
and let him know the difference he has made in my life.
Like many others he was a forgotten son because our country decided not to bother,
but to me he will never be a FORGOTTEN GRANDFATHER.


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