"Hallowed Ground"

Sgt. Bob Holtzer

Here in this earth, we shall call
"Hallowed Ground."

We lay to rest our veterans.
far from the battles sound.

Born to our nation during
it's time of strife,

These men would value freedom
more than their own life.

"They gave us today!" our land that's
proud and free.

These men would risk their lives
to give us liberty.

They came home to a nation that
didn't know the score,

For many of our people would
not go to war.

The price of freedom that they
did not have to pay,

Was bought and paid for by better men than they.

As we come to the end of life
as all of us must do,

be thankful to the veteran that
sacrificed for you.

"Freedom" is not a gift that people
should ignore,

the veteran bought and paid for it
on many a distant shore.

As we pay homage...and words are
hard to say,

just think of these men and
the price they had to pay.

"Rest in peace, Old Buddy!"
far from the battles sound.

May you dwell with your God,
when you leave this "Hallowed Ground."

Sgt. Bob Holtzer

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