Hear My Voice
Cpl Gordon L. Krueger, C/1/5, USMC

You brave men came home
With medals on your chest
While I still lie here
Where you laid me to rest

It's somewhere by the Chosin
I really don't know where
If only you would come for me
So I know you really care

I look back to when it happened
The bugles and the yells
From all around they came at me
On both sides bodies fell The snow turned red
And some men screamed in vain
While others lay motionless
For them there was no pain

My battle now over
As my eyes are closed so tight
Was it you that carried me down
As others stayed to fight

More men are laid beside me
Dirt fell upon my head
The Chaplain said a prayer for me
As he did for all the dead The valley is now quiet
As you fellows march away
Whispering winds blow the snow
On the cold ground where I lay

Don't you hear my voice I ask
I've called out, oh so long
You're my buddies
I know I did no wrong

Please bring me home
With no medals on my chest
Just return me to my country
For God's eternal rest.

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