Author: Robert Holtzer, USMC D/1st Tank Bn

In the cold of winter, when the snow starts to fall,
My heart is filled with memories, I'd rather not recall.
Those days of my youth,
When I heard the battles roar.
In Korea's frozen hell at the "Chosin Reservoir."

"Hell Fire Valley" we were trapped with tank and truck
Hit with machine guns and mortars,at first we went amok.
Men failing in battle, I can still hear their cries,
Faces twisted in pain and terror glazed their eyes.

"Turn the trucks aroundl" I heard somebody yell.
I reached for my buddies, I watched them as they fell.
We rallied altogether to stop the enemy tide,
We prayed as we fought; "Dear God," be on our side.

They hit us from all sides and they wouldn't let us rest,
Task Force Drysdale fought on and they did stand the test.
Bloodied and beleaguered some men did make it thru.
To support the embattled bastion we called'Hagaru.'

Those still on the road where the dead and wounded fell,
Were left to their fates, to spend a night in hell.
Our positions over run we felt the battles glare.
We crawled to new positions, but we found no help there.

Hit again, we shrunk into small circles to defend,
With the wounded and the dying, Oh God! "Will it ever end?"
The battle was getting worse as it reached a fevers pitch.
The enemy was killing our wounded as they fired into the ditch.

"Throw down your weapons! Surrender," our tormentors cried.
"Stop and save your wounded, too many men have died."
"Go to hell!" they answered; as they fought on thru the night.
"We've got to hold til dawn, come on morning's light!"

They ran out of ammunition when they finally had to comply.
They'd surrender to save their wounded, "Please don't let them die."
They were marched off to prisons to suffer for many years.
I personally want to thank them "with all my heart felt tears."

This tale of Hell Fire Valley may not seem much to you,
But those brave men of Task Force Drysdale, "did help save Hagaru."
These men laid down their lives for the glory of the Corps.
When we added to the legacy, at the 'Chosin Reservoir.


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