"Hey!...remember me??"

Sgt. Bob Holtzer (USMC-Retd)
One of the men from Chosin.


Overlooking the blue Pacific, there are statues that seem to wait.
Searching across the oceans for friends that were swallowed by their

As the sun sets across the water and we end another day,
just stop and think of our fallen,
the dead and the MIA.

It was many years ago when they
were called to serve,
they fought and they died, our nation forgot, "it's a fate they don't

It seems that on a clear day when I'm looking out to sea,
I feel I can hear their voices cry out...
"Hey!...remember me??"

We're the fathers, husbands and sons
not remembered anymore,
We'll never see our homes again or
touch our nations shore.

Oh, I thought I could forget the war
from so many years ago,
but their voices tell me don't forget,
"please let our nation know;"

We fought to defend their freedoms and we paid for it with our lives,
we will never know our homes again
or families with husbands and wives.

Some of us had children, "we're the fathers they never knew,"
But we'd fight again to save them..
"you know it's right to do!!"

As the sun sets across the water and
the tides flow out to sea,
Hear these voices that gave us our freedoms..."CRY OUT!"
"Please... remember me.'

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