Chosin Reservoir

November - December 1950

"Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem."
( President Ronald Reagan)

"Those that were there will never forget! Those who were not will never know !

Meet Some Of The Veterans Of The Chosin Reservoir

Benis Frank (Marine Corps Historian) Interview W/ General O.P. Smith (Commanding General 1st Marine Division)
General Edward M. Almond (X Corps Commander) Comments On General O.P. Smith And The Army's History
General Almond Interview By Captain Fergusson


New York Times Article
Dated Dec 11th 1950

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The Ghost Armies of Manchuria
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Taken Behind Enemy Lines On Special Ops Missions

List of Chosin Reservoir Missing In Action

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"The Men From Chosin"
Photo Gallery Of Chosin Reservoir Veterans

Chosin Reservoir Image Gallery


Marine Corps Trivia - Part 1
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"The fighting at the Chosin Reservoir was the most violent small unit fighting in the history of American warfare. No other operation in the American book of war quite compares with the show [the battle of the Chosin Reservoir] by the First Marine Division [and attached U.S. Army and British Royal Marines]."
General S.L.A. Marshall, Prominent Army Historian of the Twentieth Century

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