Memorial Day

Bob Holtzer (Sgt. USMC Ret'd)


Look around, look around, "what do you see?"
A sunny day with our flag flying free.
A sky of blue with the world at play,
Spring is here, "It's a holiday!"

Look around, look around, "what do you see?"
An old man & a child overlooking the sea.
They stroll on the beach in search of a shell,
"This old man has lived in his own private hell."

His heart is heavy as he stares at the ground,
he ponders his life as he looks around.
"Grandpa! ...Grandpa!" there's a tear in your eye.
Yeah! you're right son,.."let me tell you why."

Look around, look around, what do you see?
People at play & filled with glee.
Many years ago when I was young,
I walked with "Heroes" that died wth their songs unsung.

Look around, look around what do you see?
The graves of these men that made us free.
Look up there!! At our flag unfurled,
"These men died to save our world!!"

"I look at you & what do I see??"
My youth in you, living life free.
I think of the price that we had to pay & my hopes for you... til my dying day,
are that you & my family will never know
"The taste of war or wounds from a foe!"
They say goodbye as he climbs the stairs
"He's resigned to the fact that nobody cares."

Look around, look around, "What do you see?"
"Those men that gave us liberty!!"

Nah!! it's spring & time to play,
It seems everyone forgot..." it's
Memorial day."

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