Submitted By Eric Williams To Honor His Grandfather, Beryl Williams

Author: R.L.Kirk, LtCol USA (ret).


I have walked these Korean hills before, crossed these rivers;
I have passed through these fields, heavy with the odor of growth.
My presence is here.....and elsewhere
In the pages of a letter, yellow with age
At the edge of a photograph, on a torn dance program
I am by love begotten.....I am not forgotten.
I am here in the hearts of those who were with me
on the Perimeter, at Inchon, at the Reservoir and the River
and in the hearts of those who waited....
In their thoughts I walk again and I wait at the curb in my car
on a soft summer evening.....
the sounds of crickets, of passing automobiles
and the muted sounds of the city are near.
I am a tear in the eyes of mothers, sisters,
fathers, brothers, wives, Friends, lovers.....
I am by love begotten.....I am not forgotten.
I am black, white, Jewish, Gentile, red, yellow;
I speak English, Hebrew, Korean, Chinese, Gaelic, German, Spanish;
I am known in many countries and by many people........
I have heard the rush of summer seas, and the fist of thunder.
I have known a distant star on a cold December night....
And I have known the love of a friend who would die for me
and I for him.
I am by love begotten........
I am not forgotten.

Note: Our thanks to Eric for submitting the poem and our gratitude to Colonel Kirk for composing such a great composition .

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