Author: Rick R.Seward, USMC E/2/5

I have walked the halls of our forefathers,
Prayed in churches of this land;
Have known the fury of the tempest
And soared aloft where the jet stream plays.

Been in the rage of battles,
To bring war's end;
Have heard the orphan's cry,
And seen the widow's tears;
Heard the laughter of my children,
And the laughter of their children.

And through it all, an echo resounds - asking
"What is the cost ... A life? A limb? A Brother lost:"

While valor rings loud in word and song,
Who speaks for those that still march In the Valley of Shadows?

We shall, Lord ... we, their Brothers,
We the living, by Your Grace; ... It's our duty."
So, comrade, don't lament your loss,
Nor weep for them;
But speak for them,
With stories untold;
From them a duty calls.


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