By Frank G. Gross

In the words of the five star general as he spoke to the USA
"Old soldiers never die they just fade away"
But speak not of the Korean Veteran as you hear him coming through
in remembrance of his comrades with his tears of gratitude

In the year of Nineteen Fifty the communist had a plan
To capture South Korea, but the free world made their stand
Yes John Q there was Korea, but not like the wars before
For this action came with a police action name, when the bear had knocked on the door

Many countries remembered their fallen with respect of honor due
but in thease states such little relates and our historys words were few
For in the hallway of the high school mahogany plaques stand out
Of the names engraved and the sacrifice made to remind us what war is about

There are names there of the first war, the very first bugle call
And for the Taps that blew in world war two, and of the boys from Nam on the wall
But the Korean War forgotten, Fifty Four Thousand lost their place
And the Eight Thousand more are MIAs, of them theres such little trace

So hear us Five Star General, we heed to the words you say
That Old Soldiers never die, but why must they fade away.


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