What A Price They Paid!!

(Sgt Bob Holtzer D Co. 1st Tank Bn USMC)

World War two, that was quite a fight!
We went to war & what we did was right.

Men fought & died to end that strife;
Some came home to a brand new life.

"But What a price they paid."

Korea came...we're in another fight.
Free nations defend "Korea's right."

They hit Pusan, again Americans died.
Another war??..."Their mothers cried."

"What a price they paid."

Inchon came, we crushed the enemy tide.
We pushed them back to the other side.

Oh we thought we won, but the fates had lied......

" What a price they

The snow came down onto a valley floor, in a mountain place..."Chosin

The enemy charged, "Oh God the guns did roar."
Men fought & died at Chosin Reservoir.

"What a price they paid."

Outnumbered by ten to one & more;
"Hell froze over Chosin Reservoior!!"

The survivors marched out,
"Their hands & feet were frozen!!"

From that day on, They'd be:
"The Men of Chosin!!"

"What a price they paid."........... ..
"What a price they paid."

At Heartbreak Ridge, "The guns were smokin!!"
At Pork Chop Hill their hearts were broken.

Oh peace did come,.but that was broken.
And "Viet Nam" became another token.

"What a price they paid."

Now my friends on some sunny day,
Think about... What they had to pay.

Another War!!......A mother cry!!!
Sons born to man!! so they could die??

"What a price to pay."
What a price was paid for "Freedom."
Your Freedom!!......Freedom.


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