Rally round the flag boys!!

Bob Holtzer

was the cry our nation once heard.
In those days when men of honor fought for the expression of a word.

"The Flag" our nation's symbol represents our freedom of speech.
In war the banner of courage & commitment on many a foreign beach.

When our dead came to rest... in their beloved soil,
the flag embraced their caskets in rememberance of their toil.

I remember the parades of my youth when I stood free & proud,
As the men we called patriots marched, with the music blaring loud.

Today there is a silence in our nation as we let our symbol die,
for the freedom of expression has changed ...as we let the years roll by.

There are those that express free speech in a manner of abuse.
They didn't buy that freedom or the right of it's mis-use.

When duty calls to defend our nation,
I wonder where they will be?
Probably in a protest somewhere while other die for them to be free.

"Rally round the flag boys!"
Once again our nations cry!
Don't let our flag be desecrated!!
"Don't let our nation die!"

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