Author: William E. Moore,USMC

There is a story that should be told
Of seven brave men
Facing death in a place called Chosin
Snow 3 feet deep and 40 below
A night patrol is ordered
Seven volunteer, alive and wounded.

Beards crusted with ice and blood
Feet frozen beyond pain.
Lives depend on this patrol
Loved ones pray for their return
A sniper's aim is true
Six alive and wounded.

Hungnam is 70 miles south;
Safety, warmth and food,
Quietly the advance, inch by inch
One man coughs:
Five alive and wounded.

Night becomes day
Flares burn slowly in the black sky
Silent is the air, too cold for sound
Grenades explode, a deafening roar
Three alive and wounded.

One hour without movement
Bones and muscles resist
Nerves strained and tense
Make one want to scream
A burp gun shatters the silence
Two alive and wounded.

A bullet races on its way.
Flesh gives way to steel;
One alive and wounded.

Alone and scared remains the one:
Forty below and sweating.

An upward look into a Chinese face,
Frozen hands can't pull the trigger.
A blow to the head and blessed sleep;
One alive, wounded, and a prisoner.


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