Marine Corps Triva From The Past


Multiple Choice-Select One

1. How many steps per minute is Doubletime Cadence

A. 80 B. 90 C. 120 D. 180



2. The Service Field Shoe were referred to as ?

A. Clod Hoppers B. Gun Boats C. Boon Dockers D. Long Walkers


3. The immediate action for a misfire with a Cal.30 B.A.R. was Pull, Push,__________.?

A. Bang B. Drop C. Tap D. Curse

4. When Boarding A Ship Moored At Dock, You Must First ?

A. Salute The O.D. B. Salute The C.O. C. Salute The Colors Aft D. Doesn't Matter



5. Reenlistment was referred to as ?

A. Shipping Out B. A Dumb Move C. Shipping Over D. Reason To Celebrate



6. When you checked out on Liberty, The Duty N.C.O. gave you ?

A. A Social Security Card B. Gate Pass C. A Liberty Card D. Hard Time



7. What was referred to as a 4 point liberty ?

A. Four Favorite Bars B. Having 4 Dates . C. Civilian Shirt and Jacket D. Liberty Inspection



8. What was the Highest Score Possible with the M-1 Garand Rifle when qualifying on the Rifle Range ?(After 1949)

A. 320 B. 210 C. 250 D. 623



9. What was a complete miss on the target called while qualifying with the M-1 Garand Rifle ?

A. A Joke B. Grounds for Court Martial C. Maggies Drawers D. Short Round



10. The inscription "Per Mare Per Terram" on the British Marine emblem means ?

A. By Horse and Carriage B. Over Rough Terrain C. By Sea By Land D. One For the Queen



11. What is the name of the lower portion of the M-1942 Field Pack ?

A. Knapsack B. Haversack C. Butt Bag D. Pack Extension



12. Each Hash Mark on the Sleeve designates what period of time in the Corps ?

A. 1 Year B. 2 Years C. 3 Years D. 4 Years



13. What was the term "Fruit Salad" referring to ?

A. Sunday Lunch B. Fruit Cocktail C. Campaign Ribbons D. 5-1 Rations


14. At Roll Call, what did the Squad leaders reply upon receiving report orders ?

A. Their all here Sir! B. All Present and accounted for Sir! C. Don't know Sir! C. They will be here shortly Sir!

15. Name 1 (One) Former Marine...

A. John Wayne B. General Patton C. George Double U D. There isn't one, doesn't exist

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