Marine Corps Triva From The Past

Number 2

Multiple Choice-Select One

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1. What does the term "Irish Pennants" refer to ?

A Irish Flag B Irish Battle Hymn C Loose thread or fiber on a uniform D Irish Shamrock


2. Junk on the Bunk discribes what type of event.

A Trash Under A Bed B Candy Inspection C Clothing Inspection D Dress Blues Inspection


3. What is the magazine capacity of the US Military's M1911A .45 cal Automatic-Pistol? [Rounds of Ammo]

A 10 Rounds B 15 Rounds C 7 Rounds D 9 Rounds


4. The familiar emblem of globe and anchor was adopted by the Marines in what year ?

A 1776 B 1812 C 1868 D 1941


5. The red stripe on the blue trousers of US Marine NCOs and officers commemorates what action in the US/Mexican War?

A Blood From Battles B The action at Tijuana C Assault on Chapultepec Castle D The Capture of Monterey


6. What place in France was made American soil, to commemorate the sacrifice of US Marines fighting there in World War I?

A Paris B Belleau Wood C Argonne D Bordeaux

7. What two military branches have similar mottos. Marines is "Semper Fidelis" always faithful. "Semper Paratus" always ready."is the motto for which branch of service?

A Army B Navy C Air Force D Coast Guard

8. In what year did the FMF (Fleet Marine Force) come into being an integral part of the United States Fleet ?

A 1775 B 1917 C 1933 D 1941

9. What was the Slang for the Articles for the Government of the Navy. [Precursor of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).] ?

A Discipline B By Laws Of the Navy C Rocks & Shoals D Military Justice

10 Who did the Company Duty NCO represent while on duty ?

A The Sgt Major B The Exective Officer C Company C.O. D Commandant of USMC


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Answers To 1st Trivia Quiz

1.D. 180 2. C. Boondockers 3. C. Tap 4. C. Salute The Colors Aft 5. C. Shipping Over 6.C. Liberty Card 7.C.Civilian Shirt-Jacket
8. C. 250 9. C Maggies Drawers 10.C By Sea By Land 11.B. Haversack 12. D 4 Years 13 C Campaign Ribbons
14. B All Present Or Accounted For Sir! 15. D There isn't one, doesn't exist

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