Marine Corps Memories From The Past

Our Thanks to Win Scott for these memories from the past


Remember When


You reported to a new duty station and washed the cosmoline from your rifle in the shower ?

Almost all Marines' belt buckles were bent from opening beer bottles ?

Prior to rifle re-qualificaton you went to the Police Shed and drew pads that you sewed to the elbows and shoulder of your utility jacket.

Utilities were called Dungarees, with big pockets in front and none in back.

You received $5 extra pay per month for shooting Expert and $3 for Sharpshooter and it was a disgrace to be a non-Qual ?

Some Jarheads were still wearing a field scarf with a square end and others a battle pin under the knot of their field scarfs.

Trowsers had no back pockets.

After having too many drinks, Officers became fatigued and went to sleep and enlisted men passed out ?

The Master Sgts, Techs and S/Sgt's rushed to the QM to get the Chevrons with rockers and get rid of the bars.

How the former Tech Sgts loved to be called "Gunny"

The Corporal or Sergeant of the Guard inspected you before you went on liberty.

And when you returned from Liberty and checked in, a notation was made that you were D&D (Drunk & Dirty) or
C&S (Clean & Sober).

The Mess Hall was Family Style and certain food had nicknames, i.e. Catsup/Red Lead. Lunch meat i.e. Horse C_ _ _ .

At Family Style you said "Bread Down" or "Down the Milk" and woe be the guy who short stopped that item or took the last helping with surveying the platter ?

You washed your clothes in a bucket on the washrack behind the barracks and then hung our laundry with tie-ties.

Some, after washing would cover their gear and dungarees with salt to bleach the newness out and after setting in the sun and rinsed they would look like old salt Marines.


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