The Unknown
(Bob Holtzer)

At the Punchbowl in Hawaii where banners for heroes are flown.

There's a resting place, a plot of land, Marked:.."Korea U.S. Unknown."

People pass by without a tear, it's sad
"they're so all alone."

For within this spot there are heroes.
"The souls of our Unknown."

They rest here together nameless,
regardless of faith or race.

Known only but to God, "yet we
veterans know their face."

We pray they are at peace today,
within this "Hallowed ground."

For today without these nameless men ,
World peace could not be found.

Clouds across the skies will shed their tears in many a foriegn place,

"True".. they're known only but to God,
but we veterans know their face.

Forgive our lack of memory for names
and the disregrard we've shown,

But..forever and a day we shall see your face, " The face of our

Bob Holtzer