"Christmas Lost"

Bob Holtzer

As I lay there in the hospital and words were hard to find,
I'd been wounded in battle and my wounds had left me blind.

In self-pity I thought; I'm blind!!
I'm Blind!!...I began to curse;
Then fate brought me some eyes...
in the shape of a nurse.

She asked: How can I help you??
Please tell me what can I do??
I said: Act as my eyes and write...I have some words for you.

You know it's close to Christmas and
I have a story to tell..
send a letter to my "DAD" to tell him
that all is going well.

"DAD" I've been hit... please don't worry,
I'm going to be O.K.!!
Don't let my little mishap...spoil your
Christmas day.

Who knows? might be home, but I'll never be the same,
men died to save my life...I don't even know a name.

They gathered all around me to form a protective shell,
you see..."they died to save me from
Korea's frozen hell!!"

Christmas is the birth of Christ,
I'm told the Prince of peace,
yet men die in war...please tell me;

I think of my past holidays and my world that use to be....
but my eyes are dimmed from battle and
my heart is bilnd...."you see."

Christmas will come again at home,
but it will never be the same;
til men can live their lives in peace,
in the glory of "GODS NAME!!"

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